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On those autumnal slate grey sky days, the only thing that we long for when the wind is whipping us in the face and the rain is lashing down is something cosy, warm, and soft to the touch to hide in. The ultimate knit that you can layer or wear as a statement piece to take you stylishly from the office to snuggling in front of an open fire. Thank you ELEVEN SIX!

Founded by British born couple Catherine and Nick, and inspired by a life changing trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru (incredibly whilst Catherine was three months pregnant with their son Oliver) ELEVEN SIX was born.

After the last fifteen working in larger corporations where sustainability is often far from your control being sustainable was a distinctive choice and brand goal I made when starting the ELEVEN SIX venture. I wanted to have control over whom the work was going to and know the work I was providing was beneficial.”

Designed with the busy modern women in mind, versatility and longevity are key to each collection; pieces are cleverly designed to be worn cross seasonally.

“ELEVEN SIX represents an appreciation for the beautiful things in life”

Created in limited quantities to Catherine’s design and technical specifications, and crafted in small family run factories and artisan cooperatives in Peru and Bolivia, it is the combination of contemporary design with traditional Andean knitting techniques that makes each ELEVEN SIX piece a unique treasure. The women’s cooperatives that Catherine uses not only have a rich cultural heritage and knowledge of their craft, but also are empowered and driven to be working in an entrepreneurial environment that supports their traditional textiles techniques of crochet, macrame, hand knitting and hand weaving. The appreciation for the time and effort that goes into each ELEVEN SIX knit is clear when you see each individual tag that bears the artist’s signature, edition number and place of birth. That’s true traceability!

What about the fabric? It isn’t just the people that inspired the craftsmanship and production, but also the native Peruvian Alpaca. Shorn once a year, the Alpaca’s fleece withstands the cold as well as the warmth, making it the perfect natural, eco friendly sustainable yarn that when knitted, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.


ELEVEN SIX_FW161000.jpg

ELEVEN SIX_FW161006.jpg




Each piece is well crafted, transparent and not over complicated. Each design lends itself to be layered or worn as a statement piece that you will easily find yourself reaching for in your wardrobe over and over again. It is both refreshing and an honour to have even just one piece from an ELEVEN SIX’s collection in your wardrobe. This is a transparent, traceable, honest and trustworthy brand that really engages with traditional artisan craft. A little wanderlust and eye for detail goes a long way!

W: ELEVEN SIX       Instagram: eleven.six


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