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Cossac: Conscious. Fresh. People. Agata Kozak’s A/W collection Eastern Promise is clean, minimal and has a certain edge to it. The lines are precise, the colour palette tonal and moody yet sharp. Although we can see them in our winter wardrobes as long term favourites, the pieces are easily worn across the seasons, an important factor that is intertwined into her design process. Her inspiration for Cossac’s A/W story? Her love of travel and exploration in the Far East of Asia.

Whereabouts in Far East Asia did you travel to for inspiration for Eastern Promise?

I travel to Far East Asia quite a lot as this place really inspires me. I have been to South Korea, China but the country that has always inspired me the most, and that is my personal “happy place”, is Japan.



What elements of the collection Eastern Promise did you take from your travels, if any? For example, the cut?

The most important element for me was Japanese minimalism. I’m fascinated by the subject in the universal appeal of minimalist design and how versatile it can be. I have applied this element to our A/W collection and to the core of COSSAC’s philosophy; we always aim for simplicity and transeasonality.


How do you reduce your carbon footprint? Is this something that is also measured for the customer so they can trace the journey from production to delivery?

Every aspect of COSSAC is sustainable; from design process, fabrics & manufacturing through to packaging and sales outlets. We ship from Turkey which is relatively close to UK. We look into alternative forms of transport (such as truck or ship) but unfortunately all other alternatives take much longer to reach customers. Right now air freight is our shipment of choice for speed and logistical convenience.

What are your plans for the future?

We would like to organically expand into new markets. My plans for 2017 are South Korea and more countries in Europe. I want to continue building our brand’s awareness as well as importance of sustainable fashion. At the end of the day, if I’m able to make a living doing what I love, my life is complete.


Cossac’s collection is available to buy online and in selected boutiques in London, Tokyo, Germany.



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