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It’s come around to that time of the season where we somewhat hastily begin to wrap gifts for our friends and family. Year in year out, i can’t help but think that after all of the time and effort that goes into wrapping and presentation, it seems a waste when in less than 10 seconds, everything end up on the floor, grabbed by the cat then put into the bin.

What if this year, and every year from now on you could re-use your gift wrapping? We’ve done some investigating, and this is our mini guide to conscious, sustainable gift wrapping.

  1. Main material: Don’t buy christmas paper. What do you have hiding in the house? Plain papers, newspapers, fashion magazines, tissue paper. What about parcel paper and even scraps of fabric that you’ve been saving in a forgotten draw? Get all of it out, and decide on your favourites. We chose parcel paper and scrap fabric. Use this to wrap each gift.
  2. Details: No plastic shiny bows here! Choose an alternative fabric or string that you can cut down thin enough to make a bow or wrap around your parcels of love. We prefer to use hessian as it frays nicely and then use the leftovers for the string.
  3. Finishing touches: What is it that nearly everyone has in their home at Christmas? You’ve got it, a tree! We aren’t suggesting that you massacre it, but if you’ve got  real tree at home, take a few snippings from the back of it and tie them on top of you gifts. Haven’t got a real tree? Holly leaves look equally as stunning, or perhaps some pinecones that are still on a twig?


It’s easy to forget that wrapping can be enjoyable. So put some thought into it this season, get creative and have a zero waste, recycled green fingered Christmas that will keep your bank balance, and mother nature happy!



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