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Across the country it’s a tradition for many to welcome in the first day of a new year with a quick dip into the icy cold ocean. Some dress up and raise money for local charities, some do it for fun with friends and family, and some simply do it for the thrill.

Keen to explore this trend for ourselves, we headed for the coast of Saltburn, where we met with photographer Joe Burn to capture the event. The conditions were harsh. A strong wind, showers of rain, stormy skies and waves that reached 6-7ft. Yet none of this deterred the enthusiastic crowd.

If you’ve never dipped your naked toe into the ocean, this is the year to do it. As long as you do it safely, swimming in our oceans, lake and even rivers is an exhilarating adventure that makes you feel alive. Taking the plunge also has health benefits! The cold water soothes muscles, boosts the immune system and is also known to relieve depression. A natural endorphin is released as you jump in that heightens the senses and raises mood. It’s also incredibly refreshing!


Will you take the plunge? Send us your pictures!


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