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Make your home beautiful and keep your conscience clear. If your interiors are in need of an update, these posters will not only make eye catching decorative pieces but also serve as reminders of how you’ve helped to tackle homelessness.

Founded by couple Ariana. P and Lee Newham, Designed By Good People focuses on branding and packaging for ethical and environmentally friendly businesses. 50/50 is the company’s first project where they have made their own products, and as the name suggests, 50% of the profits go to a good cause.


Collaborating with UK based charity ‘The Passage’ they help to prevent homelessness with outreach project services in London, each poster sold contributes to making a difference to someone’s life.

“When I first came to London I couldn’t afford a place to live and spent my first year staying in people’s houses for free before I earned enough to get a flat share. I was lucky, many out there aren’t”, said Lee.

There is a beautiful range of limited edition pieces. From laser cut patterns and quotes on recycled cardboard, plywood and card to A6 hand printed designs on recycled card.

“We believe that design can make a difference. We hope people will feel good every time they look at the posters and prints because they’ll know that their decision to own them has helped others. It’s not just art, it’s a reminder of good deed”, they both said.

Use design as a force for good.

For a 10% discount check out Designed By Good People and use the code ISGOODTOSHARE.


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