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Founded by Daisy and Ozric, What Daisy Did creates timeless bags that are not only trans seasonal, but challenge disposable fashion and bring industry back to the UK.

Committed to reducing waste and providing work opportunities for the UK’s homeless, the duo have teamed up with a  charity that is close to their hearts, the Northampton Hope Centre to produce the Wayfarer Collection The bags are made by homeless and vulnerable people who are employed by the charity, which not only gets them off the streets but provides them with a new skillset.

Watch the video here

The Wayfarer Collection uses waste army surplus materials that are available locally to create hardwearing, made to last bags. They combine waxed canvas, which is very thick and durable and recycled fabric reinforced rubberised PVC tarpaulin, with zips that have been bought from the last remaining UK zip factory. These fabrics make the collection water resistant, and due the nature of the designs, makes them strong enough to last a lifetime.

What Daisy Did are a member of The British Association of Fairtrade Shops and Suppliers, the packaging that you will receive your order in is FSC certified and comes from an FSC certified supplier AND they are partnered with The Woodland Trust to offset their carbon footprint.

We simply had to speak with Daisy to find out more …

Where did the idea to found What Daisy Did come from?

It was founded after 5 years of working in sustainability which opened our eyes to the reality of humanities disposable lifestyle. We then went onto travel in India where the name started as a blog documenting our discoveries of the different artisan skills and their innovative approaches to recycling and upcycling.

Your newest vegan bag collection Wayfarer, uses ex-military materials, and is made in the UK (well done!) What made you turn to this fabric source? Was it hard to find initially?

We were actually looking for tents to use to accommodate guests at our festival style wedding! When we saw how many tons of broken tents they had piled up we knew this was a sign that we were supposed to use this material! It’s such a great material as well; strong and water resistant.

You operate in both the UK and India, and your recruitment process focuses on tackling poverty and homelessness through employing vulnerable people. Was it during your time travelling that you both decided to recruit in India and how did you come about choosing your team?

The team in India is recruited by our manager over there. A lot of tailors who make the bags used to work in the leather shoe trade before it moved to China so were really talented leather workers with no jobs. Pinu took them on and now mostly recruits by word of mouth and recommendations of current employees.

What’s your favourite What Daisy Did piece?

I think my favourite piece is the Tallinn Travel Bag from the new Wayfarer Collection, it is super versatile, strong, on trend and perfect as a cabin bag for next time we go to India!

Do you hope to work with more charities like Northampton Hope Centre in the future?

We think that it is important to do good within the local community where our products are being made so I think we would definitely consider working with other charities should the right collaboration arise.


Here’s a few of our favourites from the Wayfarer collection


The Tallinn Travel Bag


The Brooklyn Backpack


The Lincoln Laptop Bag

To see more of What Daisy Did click here.


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