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At first it was the outline of a lamb set in silver and gold that caught our eye, then it was the story behind the lamb that made our hearts skip a beat! Tribe of Lambs work with children in India creating opportunities for HIV positive children in India. They use their products as a vehicle for social change. We spoke with Dani Shaw, Director of Operations to find out more …


We absolutely love your video! Can you tell us more about the company/ people that you make your jewellery with in India?

For sure, we work with a small family-run producer in Jaipur. We have met with them a few times and spent time with them and feel 100% comfortable working with them. They employ 15 men and 5 women (which is rare!). We bring them our designs and then we work together and collaborate on the final products.

Where does your inspiration come from / where do you seek inspiration?

We aim for all of our designs to be unique and conversation-sparking! We love the simple, classic look of quality pieces, mixed with the traditional techniques of India – giving our designs a unique look. We want to inspire the wearer to share the story behind the piece and inspire others to shop ethical, promote slow fashion and be socially responsible. There’s so much of a message packed into each piece!


Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is extremely important to us in a few different ways. We are looking at sustainability as a company- the larger and more successfully we can grow our brand the more people we can (fairly) employ and the more children we are able to make a difference for. With all our decisions we have sustainability on the brain because our success impacts so many other people. Sustainability really aligns with that we are up to. With every purchase, and every dollar spent we (as consumers) make an impact, whether it be a positive or negative one. We are building a tribe of people who purchase consciously, making a positive impact on the globe, its people, and the environment. Sustainability is key.

How do you survive as a brand when 100% of the profits go back into your compassion projects?

As a NonProfit we use the sales of our products to 1) pay our expenses and then 2) donate our profits to our Compassion Projects. We choose to keep our expenses low so we can maximize our impact and the work we do for children with HIV. Sustainability comes into play, but us paying our expenses first, ensuring we can continue doing this in the world. It is a great business model, and there are many wonderful, successful NonProfits out there in the fashion industry!

How do you choose who to work with for each compassion project? It must be really difficult to choose who will benefit!

It is extremely difficult to choose! We have done projects with children in orphanages, children living in the slums, and recently have decided to focus our efforts on children with HIV. We work with organisations in the area to assess the need and what would make the biggest difference- they know much better what would have the greatest impact on the children there. All our projects have a common thread of empowering less-fortunate children to know they are loved, have value and matter.

Will you join the tribe? For more information or to shop, click here.



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