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How often do you look at the ingredients on the back of your body scrub? Do you know what’s really in your deodorant? After doing some high street research (based on little town’s in Yorkshire), we discovered it’s almost impossible to easily find bathroom shelf products that are cruelty free and use ingredients that aren’t confusing. So to save you some time, we want to share with you two brands that are getting it right, and will always have a place on our bathroom shelf (and in our suitcases!).


Living Naturally, The Soapnut Apothecary

Handmade in the UK from 100% natural, organic, vegan cruelty free ingredients, Living Naturally not only won the Free From Skincare Award last year, but have harnessed a special ingredient that is hypoallergenic and palm oil free! Read more about their magical soap nuts here, an their ethics here. A family business launched in 2009, Living Naturally came from the need for eczema relief for the couple’s children. They were introduced to soapnuts and began using them to clean the house to reduce toxins in their lifestyle. When they realised that the eczema was disappearing, they harnessed the power of these ancient soapy fruit shells, and haven’t looked back since.


Cardamom & Lavender Healing Soapnut Salve

The lavender in this balm is not only relaxing but deeply moisturises the skin. It’s nicer than coconut oil as it soaks in properly, and even better it can be used on lips, hands, body and feet, so you can reduce your shopping list! See more here.

Organic Vanilla & Grapefruit Coffee Scrub

This is by far the nicest and most effective scrub we have come across thus far. Not only does it remove dead skin, but is rich in antioxidants. It comes with a handy spatula, and leaves you smelling wonderful and your skin moisturised and soft, which lasts a couple of days. See more here.

Botanic Man Balm Moisturiser

The name says it all. Suitable for beards, skin, hands and feet accompanied by a lovely smell of orange and sandalwood, this makes a great gift for any guy. Just to be sure, we had a few men test it out, and they all loved it! See more here.


Earth Conscious

Making the switch from a roll on deodorant to a natural one that wasn’t tested on animals was a given; we had changed our make up, so why not the rest of our beauty and body products too? We’ve also suffered (and known many others) with itchy irritated skin, so wanted to try an alternative.


Thank goodness for Earth Conscious! Made in the UK and winner of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016, there is not only one, but a range of different scented cream deodorants so that you can find your favourite scent.

Natural Deodorant – Citrus

A great scent, this smooth deodorant contains fresh lemon and orange essential oils, and won’t block your sweat glands, which allows your body to remove toxins when you sweat. This is a great product because it allows skin to breathe and perspire naturally, but without  leaving you with an offending smell. See more here.

Natural Deodorant – Vegan Lavender

The only difference between the original range and this, is the wax. Their vegan products cleverly use Jojoba as a beeswax alternative. And guess what, it smells just as good too! See more here.

It was a little strange applying the deodorant with our fingertips at first, but now it’s a part of our daily routine. But does it work we hear you ask? The answer is yes, it does! We’ve trialled this at work, in the gym, and when doing long distance driving, and to our joy, it works! To view the range click here.

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