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Making the change to cruelty free beauty wasn’t that hard. With a little research into brands though websites such as Cruelty Free Kitty and Pinterest I discovered that most of the makeup I was already using was in fact cruelty free. What I didn’t expect, however, was what would happen after I started being more conscious of what was going on my face. It’s been easier tot make choice when it comes to picking my makeup – is it cruelty free? Yes or no? If it is then I might ponder on whether I really need it but it’s made saying no to buying new things so much easier, there is no moral compass going haywire over here. 

Talk to Eleanor two years ago and she would have an extensive beauty routine. Normally taking a good half an hour just to do my face makeup in the morning I genuinely felt that makeup gave me the confidence I needed to smash whatever was thrown my way.

After a while of using and buying only cruelty free products I found myself unintentionally buying less and less. Fast forward to the present and it is my own integrity and feeling of self happiness that has almost stopped my wearing a full face of makeup entirely. That doesn’t mean I’ve fallen out of love with it though. Quite the opposite.



Makeup has a whole new meaning for me. It’s fun, experimental, different and I can actually leave the house without an ounce of makeup touching my skin. Everywhere you look there is a new Rimmel ad or a Maybelline mascara that claims to extend your lashes by x amount and guess what? Beauty sells. But most of the public are unaware of the dark side of the cosmetics industry. Fast fashion is a topic that is becoming more increasingly discussed yet it is the makeup industry I am yet to see a huge change. It wasn’t the change into buying cruelty free beauty that was hard but the realisation of what I was previously contributing to. I was a consumer that was actively buying products that transparently tested on animals (testing on animals results in huge suffering) and I didn’t care. Granted, I didn’t know about animal testing for a long time but I had no idea about where my makeup came from and I didn’t care.

Like I said previously, websites such as Cruelty Free Kitty, Pinterest and blogs are great places to find brands you may already buy that are cruelty free. Surprisingly, quite a few are also vegan. Urban Decay are one of my favourite makeup brands as are Nars but if you didn’t want to spend thousands on your makeup kit then there are so many cheaper alternatives. Makeup can be so fun if you let go of the ideals that you see on makeup ads. You don’t have to emulate the girl on the advert. You can be you.

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  1. lovely post! I’m the same as I’ve got older I feel more confident to go about my day without any makeup on, but when I do wear it I feel good about the fact animals haven’t suffered for the products I now use x


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