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Millions of farmers in developing countries are not paid the wage that they deserve. As a consumer you have power to help make a difference to those farmers and their families lives, because you have the power of choice. Celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight and sustainable, ethical fashion with our picks of fair trade clothing and accessories that are ethically and sustainably made.

Why Fair Trade?

How much did you pay for the top that you’re wearing now? Do you think that the price you paid realistically covers the social and environmental costs that it took to produce it? How much of your money is actually going towards to that person that made it? These are just a few questions that we regularly ask ourselves when buying something new. The Fair Trade certification on products shows that the brand is taking a longer term view, working in partnership with producers and their communities, enabling them to invest in environmental and social initiatives to help protect themselves and the environment.

Did you know that a conventional cotton t-shirt takes over 2,000 litres of water to produce? Farmers that have switched to Organic and Fair Trade cotton have helped reduce water consumption by over 60% (taken from study in Gujarat, India, Safia Minney)

“Fair Trade fashion brings genuine and measurable results to some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.” Emma Watson, Naked Fashion.

The Green Spring Fair Trade Outfit

Mara Sommer


Nothing could be cooler than KowTow’s white Paper Shirt and Building Block Pants. Use this as a basis for a go to easy wear outfit, and overlay with the below …

In order left to right:

Ikat Wallet by Fair Trade Winds

Beaded Collar Necklace by People Tree

Sunday Tote II by Angela Roi

Triple Inlay Ring by Alice Clarke

ECOSUN Sunglasses by Antonio Verde at Komodo







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