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We were lucky enough to follow Harjit Sohotey-Khan of Jewelled Buddha on her incredible trip to India, where she went to spent time with House of Wandering Silk, a social enterprise that the brand works with who collaborate with women’s cooperatives, NGO’s and directly with artisans to create high quality, beautifully crafted, accessories and clothing.

Her journey takes us to Delhi with the artisans behind her fairtrade jewellery and accessories, and then to Kolkata, West Bengal, where she spent a couple of days interviewing artisans about how their lives have improved, listening to their personal stories and getting a better idea of how the business behind the products operates. This is her story.


Group shot overheadMeeting the artisans in Kolkata


Working from home means women can look after their children whilst still providing an income. Here’s the daughter of one of the artisans with a beautiful smile!

Rural Farmer

Travelling to a more rural area to visit more of the artisans


One of the houses

Group shot

A group of talented artisans that use the traditional art form of Kantha stitching.

Kantha closeup

To see more of the artisans work and Jewelled Buddha, click here 

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  1. It reminds me a lot what we do here with the indigenous communities in Cusco or Puno. Women are the pilar of their families, their presence at home is irreplaceble. Good to see that they can make a living from home.

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