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How often do you head to a city in search of good shops and galleries, and then feel the need to collapse in a cafe somewhere and just take the weight off your feet? However when you’re a pescatarian AND have a gluten intolerance, where do you go?! All to often we have gone into a restaurant that boasts a gluten free and vegetarian menu, only to find that there is one dish that is suitable and it’s usually mozzarella based with some sad little leaves on the side. NO MORE! Strolling through the streets of Liverpool on an impromptu visit, we discovered Love Thy Neighbour. A bright, spacious contemporary space that serves not only a vast range of veggi dishes, but also damn tasty gluten free ones too!


You’ll spot the pink exterior before the menu, so head to the top of Bold Street and look for pink walls, a glass front and some wall art featuring an avocado.


The menu? Eat what you love! That’s the ethos here. They believe in making you feel good, so that you can kick start the day with a healthy smoothie or something a little naughtier. We began pondering the menu over an energising breakfast smoothie made from apple, spinach, avocado, ginger and agave. Be warned it was pretty filling! Following on and after much deliberation we tucked into a plate of the gluten free chickpea pancakes topped with avocado, confit cherry tomatoes, hummus and halloumi. Yum!



Naturally the well designed interior adds to the enjoyment of delicious food. Here details have been carefully considered to compliment the cleverly arranged, brightly coloured dishes. From wooden plaques with quotes to make you smile to a living green ceiling, Love Thy Neighbour is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.



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  1. As a vegetarian that lives in Liverpool, I can say that this place is stunning and their menu is soooo lovely.
    Whenever I treat myself for a coffee, that is where i end up drinking it 🙂
    I will soon write a post about them as well

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