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As many of you know, Danni and I love to spend as much time as we can on the road, journeying to different destinations to discover new cultures, new brands and especially new food for you all! After my volunteering trip to Cambodia last year, I decided that enough was enough. Once the travel bug gets under your skin, there’s only one thing for it. We both spoke about quitting our 9-5 jobs to take jiminy on the road more times that I can remember, but never dreamed that it could actually be a reality!

In March I quit my 9-5 job, sold as many possessions as I could manage, made a rough plan and flew out to Hong Kong!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

So where can you find jiminy now? 

We still have a UK base in Devon as Danni launches her own jewellery line, but now we can also meet all of you lovely people in person outside of the UK! You can still reach us on the same contact, and we will be reaching out to as many brands, artists and writers as possible along my route to bring you even more exciting, sustainable stories from around the world. The difference will be that we can go for a coffee and do some video work!


Hong Kong 28/03 – 31/03

Thailand: Bangkok to Northern Thailand 31/03 – 29/04

Laos Roughly first two weeks in May

Vietnam Mid to end May

Cambodia First two weeks in June

Thailand: Southern islands June – beginning of July

Malaysia July

Singapore July

New Zealand: North and South Island End of July / August … It all gets a little far ahead from here!



LA then beyond!


So why are we telling you this? If you’re in any of these places and want to be featured, collaborate, write a guest piece for us, or just want to meet up and grab a coffee or some pad thai, give me a shout!

See you all out there – Emily (the big blue bag!) x



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