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Old packaging might not seem like the obvious material choice for a collection of jewellery. The thought of diving head first into the recycling bin to source something to wear for a night out wouldn’t enter most people’s minds. However, jewellery designer Annea Lounatvuori from Pony Jewelery  has taken an approach to challenge the ‘norm’ and used overlooked recycled materials and objects found from nature to create a stunning and contemporary collection of jewellery entitled ‘Under the Pine’. We’re in awe of her simple and earthy pieces!




“I spent many of my childhood summers on a small island in Finland. Living on the island was very simple and down to earth – many of the chores where done outdoors. Everything got recycled at least two or three times and many of the tools where made from natural objects and things that washed up in the shore.  For a child the island was an adventure but also a challenging place.”

Annea exhibited her collection ‘Under the Pine’ during Munich jewellery week at the Lovaas Art Space. Annea is the co-founder of the Hatara Project, an international contemporary jewellery artist’s group and the owner of Pony Jewelry. She is currently living and working in Berlin…and taking orders!

To see more of Annea’s terrific recycled designs | Visit the website


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