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These enchanting and authentic designs are the produce of jeweller Lydia McEvoy who takes the time to create handcrafted jewellery from recycled silver with the intentions of raising awareness on world issues and promoting positive change through her brand Musa Mundi.

Lydia has made a conscious decision to only use recycled precious metals in her designs.

“The first thing you must realise is this: silver, gold, gemstones, minerals, have one thing in common – they are not renewable and they are not sustainable. Furthermore, the environmental impact of gold mining for example is devastating. Which is why to me it does not make sense to pull them out of the ground for our vanity.”

We praise the fact that Lydia is so honest about her work. As many of you will know, there are a great deal of craftsmen sourcing sustainable and ethical materials to use in their work. Lydia has gone a step further, where possible she also practices with ethically sourced tools.

“I bought as many tools as I could, manufactured in countries like Switzerland and Germany, where labour laws are better, I even found a few second hand items”

Lydia even uses a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate soda instead of acid to clean her jewellery, and she presents the finished products in a hand crocheted pouch and a recycled paper bag. Even the postal packages are recycled!

To see more of Lydia’s designs | Visit the website.




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