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Designed for all those that are courageous, wild and spirited, and dare to follow their own star, Ono is the elegantly ethical fashion accessories brand that is founded upon the principle of cause no harm. Pssst, it’s vegan too!

Born in Bali, inspired by nature 

The brainchild of founder Bernadette Bodenmueller, Ono came to light whilst she was living and working in Bali in an attempt to offset some of the harm that the fashion industry creates. Inspired by the lush greenery,  local craftsmanship and the simple theory of ‘cause no harm’ (read more here) Bernadette set her mind to creating a sustainable line of products that combined beauty, elegance and longevity with all of the above. After a year of development, Ono’s first bags were designed, made and sold around Bali. In 2016, Ono hit the international market.


Why cork?

Cork provides a positive impact to the environment by binding five times more Co2 than other trees (find out more) Bernadette worked with a supplier in Portugal to produce Ono’s exclusive cork-tencel fabric, where high quality cork is hand applied onto oeko-tex certified tencel sheets using water-based glue. The cork fabric is then hand finished which ensures a smooth surface.



Who made my bag?

Ono selects artisans to work with in Bali and Europe to manufacture their unique designs. Each bag is handcrafted under regulated fair conditions, uses certified organic, harm free materials, and only works with partners with the highest ethical working standards (read more here). As part of the Ono philosophy, they completely refuse to use animal products or artificial fibres that would taint the bags purest natural form. For those of you looking for a brand that is environmentally friendly, vegan, fair AND stylish, you’ve just found it!


Did you know? Because cork is a natural material it will eventually biodegrade. No landfill here!

Ono’s classic COR collection stands for heart and center. The collection is designed to fit any outfit for both men and women, and the unique cork material is soft to the touch yet extremely strong and durable. View the collection here.



To find out more about Ono and to see more of these beautiful bags, click here.

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  1. My favourite backpack is out of cork too, I bought in on a market in Portugal and have used it every week since. I love that you are usually working with brands that harm no animals and have fair working conditions as well as try to protect the environment.

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