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The next time you are tirelessly looking for a sustainable or ethical accessory to top off your outfit, you need not panic. Fionna Hannah has created these beautiful eco friendly designs that we are simply in love with!

After studying Biology and Environmental Science for nearly 8 years, Fiona decided to go back to school to pursue her true passion and study textiles.

Fionna tells us that due to her environmental background, making work that is long lasting and has a minimal impact on the environment has been key to both her design ethical and success. For the spring season she has used linen and hemp in combination with silk screened patterns to create accessories that reflects some of her favourite cities. For the colder months she will use a linen, hemp and recycled polyester fleece for warmth and durability.

The patterns alone are enough for a celebration, but then you find a designer that is also using natural and recycled fibres in the production of beautiful handmade accessories, it’s worth shouting about! We’ll certainly be wearing her scarves year round, thank you Fionna …


Like what you see? Check out more of Fionna Hanna’s work here.

Instagram | @fionnahanna

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