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When Kimberley Robinson, a Counselling Therapy graduate and founder of Yorkshire based brand Keep Real UK reached out to us, she struck an emotional chord. Keep Real is more than just a clothing and accessories brand. On 1st July Kimberley is launching their first online store that will support them in running talks across Yorkshire to raise awareness about mental wellbeing.  

Mental health is not a subject that was widely talked about as Danni and I grew up in North Yorkshire. It felt like a taboo issue that if surfaced had to be quickly buried again by medication and expensive counselling. We did not learn about it at school or college, and as we grew up learnt that every single one of us, at some point in our lives will be affected by mental health. Be it a form of anxiety, depression or loneliness (amongst many others) mental health is something that we should speak openly about and raise awareness, so that anyone, young or old that may be suffering can approach someone to talk.


Keep Real promote a literal ‘keep real’ ethos, a message of staying true to yourself and promoting a healthy attitude and positive mental wellbeing. Products are carefully selected, sourced from suppliers that use organic and sustainable materials including FSC certified wood. From stationary to bags and t-shirts, on the 1st July Keep Real will be openly accessible not just as a brand to follow and support, but as platform for mental wellbeing. A blog will launch alongside the shop for inspiration, supported by social media.  

IMG_20170516_142932KeepRealSS17-14Both Notebooks

Kimberley has discussed teenage mental health on BBC Radio 4, and will be able to talk about wellbeing from a young person’s perspective, as well as an adults,

“This could be a business that makes a change, not just in the way we see brands, but how brands work in the community as a platform to inspire people.

To support Keep Real in the run up to launch, check out their Twitter and Instagram. You can find the store homepage here.

Image credits to Alex Ivory and Kimberley Robinson.


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