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Daisy from What Daisy Did – (one of our favourite sustainable brands for accessories) gives advice on how to have a conscious festival experience with her ‘Ultimate Ethical Festival packing List’!


With Glastonbury festival lighting up the souls of many recently, we can safely say that the festival season is well and truly underway and while we love the camping, music and everything else that comes with a weekend in the sun – or sometimes rain! One thing we don’t like to see is the mess that is left behind for others to clean up.

So, just for you we’ve put together the ultimate packing guide for a conscious free festival experience with the aim to #leavenotrace but still have plenty of fun!



First things first! When it comes to accommodation, unless you are Glamping it up in a Podpad, then you’re going to need to bring a tent. You might already own one or be able to borrow someone else’s, but if not there’s a few other options available.

  1. Invest in a beautiful canvas bell tent that you’re definitely going to want to take home with you at the end of the festival!
  2. Buy second hand from Gumtree or online retailers like Outdoors4you or Recycle Outdoor Gear.
  3. Take a tent from comp-a-tent that can be left behind because it is 100% compostable! Just pull it down and give it in to a recycling point where it will be composted for you.
  4. To sleep on, you could take your yoga mat or a self inflating airbed from Mountain Equipment, which at 10/20 is the highest scoring outdoor gear supplier rated by Ethical Consumer.
  5. Finally, take a Neema Crafts blanket to get cosy in at night!

Neema Craft’s Blanket


Bell Tent

Beauty & Hygiene

To stay beautiful, fill your Neema Craft waterproof wash bag with these ethical goodies!

  • Colourful and cruelty free makeup from Barry M.
  • Plastic free and natural deodorant from Earth Conscious.
  • Organic cotton tampons, sanitary towels and biodegradable make up remover wipes from Natracare.
  • From Lush pick up some dry shampoo, solid shampoo and conditioner and a wash sheet that you can just tear off a piece to take to the showers with you!
  • Fair trade Kikoy towel from Bushbells.
  • Who Gives a Crap paper towels made from a blend of bamboo and sugar crane.
  • A Shewee in case there’s a line for the ladies when you really, really, really need to go!


When it comes to dressing for a festival, it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality! That’s why we recommend you pack an awesome Lost Shapes unisex jumper for chilly evenings, a waterproof poncho from Thought and a pair of super cool recycled denim sunglasses from Mosevic!

You could also make a statement in a People Tree equality tee, combined with vintage denim Levi 501 shorts from YourTotesVintage and a handmade pair of Gum leaf Wellies made in Europe from natural rubber. We’d also like to take a moment to appreciate these Thought Bamboo Socks which will keep your feet cool and welly rub free as well as having natural anti-bacterial properties!

However, the most versatile piece of your festival wardrobe by far will be the Where does it come from? scarf that can be worn in a variety of ways, just get creative!

If you’re too hungover to get creative though, try this beautiful tropical print rayon dress from Komodo. It’s a sure fire winner in our books because it’s light, airy and comes in the most gorgeous pattern. Most importantly though, to keep your hands free for dancing, get this cute pineapple bumbag from Ethical.Market to hold all of your essential items!

Food and Drink

At a festival, we know how hard it is to keep on top of eating healthy and nutritious meals, so why not invest in some Huel meal replacement shakes? They are even available Vegan or Gluten free and have everything you need to keep partying all night long! But if you don’t feel like a shake to fill you up, at least use a biodegradable bamboo spork from Boobalou to eat your chips with!

It is very important that during a festival you stay hydrated, so pack a Chillys hot or cold bottle. These are perfect for water AND coffee for those mornings when you’re feeling a little fragile! Keep it close by with a cute hand crocheted bottle carrier.

Extra Advice

  • If you thought we’d missed something out! Don’t forget your solar charger and power-bank from Ethical Superstore for the occasions when the queue for the charging point is too long to wait!
  • If you’re getting a coach or train, great! If not, get a lift share from sites like Go Car Share. A more ethical transport alternatives than driving on your own!
  • Don’t forget to pack your festival tickets and good vibes!



Last but not least, what better way to carry all of your fantastic ethical festival items with you, than in your What Daisy Did Budapest Backpack! Up-cycled from military canvas, it’s vegan, hardwearing and water resistant! Perfect for a festival!

Peace and Love, Daisy ❤

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