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If you follow our Instagram feed you will probably have noticed that SAYA Designs is a brand that we have supported from the day that founder Victoria reached out to us. After a successful Kickstarter campaign launch, we wanted to help celebrate! Danni took the Soka Bud hairpin around the coast of Devon for a day of beach combing and exploration, and put it to good use against the infamous southern costal winds!


Did you know that timber is only environmentally friendly if it is consciously sourced? Before launching SAYA, Victoria spend weeks searching all over Bali for the perfectly sourced wood that is used to make the hairpins. Many hardwoods in Indonesia that are commercially sold are often illegally undocumented. Luckily for us she stumbled across sculptors Made & Wayan. They recycle root wood from old plantations where roots have been left in the ground on large-scale production sites. These roots take hundreds of years to decompose and have little value for the soil. Each hairpin is carved by hand, then sanded down to leave you with a beautifully smooth finish. Oh and did we mention that SAYA have partnered with Micro Garden to help replant endangered tree species back into the Indonesian rainforests? Read more here.

When you receive your hairpin, you can tell that a lot of hard work, craftsmanship and love has gone into making it. By wearing one you not only have a stylish and easy way to tie up and twist your hair, but you can also be proud to wear and tell a story.

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There are endless ways to style your hair with these hairpins. Whether you have thick, curly, short or thin hair, there is a hairpin for you. We love to use them for quickly pulling our hair out of our faces, for when we are feeling creative, and even getting ready to go on a night out.

Have you been to Devon this summer? How do you quickly tie up your hair? Let us know! To see more of SAYA Designs click here.

All photography credits to @Nautilusfilm

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