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Daughters of Cambodia is much, more more than just a cafe and boutique shop in Phnom Penh that serves incredibly tasty food and sells beautiful handmade gifts. It is a business that exists to empower those trapped in the sex industry in Cambodia to walk free and begin a new healthier, happier, prosperous life.

Daughters of Cambodia offer opportunities to those that have been exploited and trafficked through training and employment in one of eight of their fair trade non-for-profit businesses, along side counseling, medical treatment and life-skills education. This invaluable NGO acts not only as a place of work that provides support, but also as a family for those women and also men who have been exploited.


The sex trade in Cambodia has grown notoriously over the past decade, so much so that it has become an industry that is utilized by foreign visitors and a large domestic market. In Cambodia a shocking 90% of girls are sold into the industry by their families (Ministry of Social Affairs, 2013) and once there, it’s incredibly hard for them to leave. Families rely on their daughters to work and send home the money for support, and lack of education reduce the chance of better job alternatives.



Women must voluntarily approach Daughters of Cambodia for help. They are not a shelter, but help their employees find a place to live, help them to rehabilitate into society and through their many programs introduce them into a supportive family environment. Long term success is achieved when a woman remains out of the sex trade industry for the rest of her life, supporting herself through dignified, rewarding and fairly-paid work.

Businesses women can work in include the cafe and shop featured here in Phnom Penh (we highly recommend a visit), fair trade factory production making the beautiful Daughters of Cambodia products, a spa and also a hotel. To read more about these job opportunities please click here.

The Cafe and Shop

To find out more about Daughters of Cambodia and to show them some support, click here.

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  1. Good work. It is a very nice post, sad but informative. And thanks to Daughters of Cambodia there is hope.


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