Bali, Voyage
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Serendipity – a beautiful opportunistic word that we found ourselves constantly referring to when working on the features for this month’s magazine. Last month I was lucky enough to travel around Bali, and the events that unfolded led to the wonderful designers and makers that we are going to introduce you to this August.

We’ve all seen Eat, Pray, Love, and, for the most part everything that you see in the film is true. Ubud, where the film is based is a haven of bohemian coffee shops, niche boutiques, yoga retreats and deliciously healthy vegetarian and vegan eateries. It’s also true that everyone has a love affair in Bali, and it’s easy to see why. With mountains, beaches, coconut tree forests, steaming volcanoes and spectacular sunsets make for picture perfect backdrops to any holiday romance. Ubud is where my love affair with Bali began. A man you say? Well darlings my lips are sealed! However, my true love affair was with the the brands that I met there, and their heartwarming stories.

This August, we are really honoured to introduce you to the strong, entrepreneurial women that are striving to make a difference for not only themselves but also for their local communities. The talented artists, designers and crafts people that we will showcase this month are all united by one purpose; to sustainably merge the traditional with the contemporary to create works that give back to the community and environment.

Join us on an exciting journey as we meet Love Stories, SAYA Designs, Feel Good, Make A Scene!, as well as some more incredible designers. We will also take you up an active volcano by night for sunrise, introduce you to traditional Balinese cuisine, and, in celebration of Bali, it’s culture and it’s many talented artists, be giving you an exclusive first look and sneaky behind the scenes peaks at what has to be the best fashion editorial done on the island!   

As always, please give a big Jiminy tribe hello to our new brands over on Instagram and twitter! We hope you enjoy your journey though Bali with us as much as we loved putting this moth’s feature’s together.

Happy August,

Emily x

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