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Have you ever found yourself shivering in the office, pulling a coat tighter around your shoulders as you try to focus? To celebrate the start of fall and our first birthday, we chatted to the founders of Feelwear to find out more about how their use of merino wool has become the foundation for their nordic inspired designs (and to also get you lovely readers a little something extra special as a birthday treat, from us to you!) …

The design process takes place in Estonia. Is this where Feelwear began?

Yes, this is where we started. We think Estonia is one of the most innovative and creative countries in the world and therefore a good place to start a brand. For example we have the first digital society where people can become e-resident’s, we are second place in the world for startups per capita, and have driverless busses driving around our capital, plus untouched beautiful nature and much, much more. So this was the most logical place to start with our brand. All our products are sewn in a small sewing studio located in Tartu, and produced with the characteristics of minimalistic Nordic design.

How did you discover that merino wool and silk were the perfect fabric blend for your designs?

We use both merino and merino silk fabrics. The latter is for our premium line (read also what is gsm and what has it got to do with T-shirts?). After doing some research on different fabrics we realised that merino was the perfect fit for us. We saw that merino is often underused or used only for underwear or layering for outdoor activities, yet it is actually a very versatile basic for casual modern outfits and business wardrobe no matter the season. For example, it has unique thermal qualities which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and that’s why it’s a good choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. Merino is also the finest and softest wool available on the market – it will feel soft against your skin and isn’t scratchy, a feeling usually associated with wool. Adding high breathability, elasticity and durability you have a premium fabric which can be crafted into magnificent products. Therefore, one could say that Feelwear’s unique design signature is our use of merino wool.


Your signature fabric is sourced from both New Zealand and Australia. This conjures visions of the both of you travelling a very long way to trek over many a mountain to specialist wool farms. Was this the case when you sourced your suppliers? Why New Zealand and Australia?

It would be good to tell a story how we traveled through the mountains of New Zealand, spent time in farms and met the farmers in person but this hasn’t been the case – not yet at least. However, coming back to your initial question why New Zealand and Australia? We chose these countries because they are both famous for their merino wool. We did a thorough background check for each supplier and work only with those who share similar values. This was the case here in Estonia as well. For fabrics, we investigated many potential partners, asked for samples, conducted research on what kind of certifications they have and on their philosophies and backgrounds. We chose to go forward with two suppliers: the ones who provided quality fabrics, had a long history in the business and also had certifications so that we could be sure that the right principles are consistently followed.

Why should we be pulling a merino wool based shirt over our heads each morning?

The uniqueness of our shirts comes from the merino wool. Merino wool is easy to care for and doesn’t need ironing. It is also self-cleansing, meaning your shirts will stay shirts fresh even in the most stressful situations, making them wearable for days in a row. The thermoregulation qualities of merino help to regulate the body temperature during the day, keeping you warm when it’s cold and vice versa. Merino is kind to your skin and almost as soft as cashmere. Combining these qualities with our Nordic inspired designs will give you an irreplaceable addition to your wardrobe.


Each Feelwear piece appears to be a wardrobe staple; the neutral palette and minimal design means that each piece can be worn both smart and casually. Was this the intention and have you any plans for future collections?

Yes, this was our intention from the beginning. As I was working in an office environment, I always had a problem with what to wear as the weather here in the Nordics can get quite cold during the winter, while the summer can be unpredictable too.  Working as an auditor you also have quite a strict dress code, for example monochromatic colours are preferred, usually the style is modest and minimalist and obviously no bold jewellery is allowed. When looking around I could not find suitable clothing that would keep me warm but also fit into an office environment. Therefore, our range has been created especially for urban professionals who value comfort, clean cuts and quality when it comes to their clothing. All our shirts are ethically produced and have been designed for both office and casual wear. We will be adding some new colours and cuts soon so stay connected!

Where can we find Feelwear?

Our customers are conscious consumers; they know what they buy, prefer slow fashion and have previous experience buying online. Therefore, we have kept our brand online. You could find us at and follow also our Instagram page, which we started lately. Using the “JIMINY5” promotional code we will give you a 5% discount on your first order!

Birthday discount code please!

Thank you Feelwear! As a special 1st birthday treat add some merino to your wardrobe and use JIMINY5 to get your exclusive discount.

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