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Located south of Sicily, Malta is a turquoise paradise brimming with culture, history and plenty of activities that don’t harm the planet – here is our top 7 for the perfect eco friendly week away.

  1. Take time to see Mdina – The silent city. Have lunch at Vinum for plenty of vegetarian and gluten free dishes, or, if your feeling fancy pop into Bacchus restaurant to cool off with a drink in the very peaceful secret garden.malta-2668329_1920Malta, Mdina 2.jpg
  2. Experience the bustling Sunday market at Marsaxlokk for locally handmade treasures. Whilst you’re there, don’t miss the colourful boats bobbing in the harbour.Malta, Marsaxlokk
  3. Visit the blue lagoon by sail boat – the perfect solution to avoiding the crowds on land by staying on the water. Get some friends together to spread the cost. You won’t regret this unique experience.sea-259823_1920
  4. Explore Valletta, the historical capital of Malta. Don’t forget to grab lunch at The Grassy Hopper to try the delicious homemade vegan cheese and gluten free bread buns.Malta, The Grassy Hopper

    The Harbour, Valletta

    Grand Masters Palace

    Grand Masters Palace, Valletta

  5. Shop at Core Green in Buggiba for fair-trade, organic and vegan products.
  6. Hike the secluded trails around Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Most of the tourists will be sun bathing on the beach so take some time on your own to go explore the winding paths, jagged rock formations and hidden swimming spots.  Good walking shoes recommended!DSC_0160DSC_0122
  7. Relax on the orange sand and watch the sunset at Golden Bay.DSC_0595.JPG

Malta is one of those places that has so many hidden little spots – it’d be hard not to return! So, are you ready to pack you bags and visit this beautiful little part of the globe? We’ll see you there!


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  1. Hey ! I’ve been in Malta a year ago but I’m indeed likely to come back sooner or later 😉 Since I loved my time there I’m planning to come back next summer to see what I’ve first missed : Mdina, Marsaxlokk and I’m now adding Ghajn Tuffieha Bay ! Thank you !

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