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Water is the source of life. When we are born 90% of our body consists of water, and throughout our lives 80%. This goes to show you just how important regular water intake is for your general well-being, as well as your health, as numerous studies have shown that dehydration is the cause of many illnesses and skin issues, which could be prevented if you stick to a healthy water intake.

From boosting your immune system, to nurturing a clear, radiant complexion, water serves many purposes and supports numerous bodily processes that keep you awake and truly alive throughout the day. Here are the top five skin and health benefits of regular hydration that will nurture the beauty and glow of your complexion and inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Goodbye under eye bags, hello clarity

It’s common knowledge that regular hydration (apart from making you go to the bathroom every ten minutes) is crucial in supporting mental clarity and focus. If you have ever had a day when you felt out of touch with your work, unable to focus and get things done, you would have benefited greatly by sipping on some cool aqua. Moreover, not only does improper hydration impact your focus, it also reflects itself on your complexion.

By keeping a water bottle close to your workstation, whether at the office or on the road, you can easily invigorate your senses, become more aware and in-the-moment and thus maintain peak productivity levels throughout the day. This correlates directly with your skin as well, as a tired and weary mind is reflected in the forms of eye bags and dry skin, which can all be avoided with regular hydration.

Clear and radiant complexion

Regular water intake supports numerous healthy processes in the body, and we all know that our skin is the biggest organ we have. What’s more, the state of your skin is a direct reflection of your inner wellbeing, as the majority of health conditions tend to make their presence known through the skin.

Not only is inner hydration important, but so is external moisturising, as one does not go without the other. Be sure to stick to a healthy skincare regime, entailing cruelty-free brands such as the tried and tested Weleda or the innovative Votre Vu or Kora.

Moreover, by hydrating copiously, you can help detoxify your system, improving liver and kidney functions and thus maintaining a radiant complexion all year round. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to drink at least two litres of water daily in order for your skin to remain wrinkle- and acne-free.

Increased energy levels

Ever felt sluggish and constantly tired, your skin overly tight? Blame your poor water intake regime. Dehydration is a soldier’s worst enemy as they would say, and although you’re not on the battlefield per se, you should combat the onset of fatigue and numerous subsequent internal and external conditions with constant rehydration.

The word “constant” is crucial here, as you don’t want to wait for the moment when you feel thirsty, because that means that you’re already dehydrated. If you want to boost your energy levels, be sure to rehydrate with two glasses of water as soon as you wake up, and keep on sipping throughout the rest of the day.


Youthful glow and a strong immune system

Drinking plenty of water helps detoxify your entire body by supporting healthy metabolic processes and excreting the buildup of toxins over time. This healthy habit will strengthen your immune system, which will make you more resilient to cold and flu, but also help you recover from a physical trauma faster. Not to mention that excreting toxins on a regular basis will do wonders for your skin.

Be wary though, as not all municipal water systems are healthy for you. If you want to preserve your health, you need to eliminate the toxins in the water by treating it with a UV home water treatment system that will ensure you’re drinking nothing but clear aqua. Many water supply networks are old and corroded, and you shouldn’t let them affect your health, or the health of your family.

Weight regulation

Finally, water can help you reach your target weight, whether you are trying to lose fat or build muscle. If you’re trying to trim down your physique, you can limit your calorie intake by drinking more water, which will make you feel less hungry throughout the day. In fact, most of the time when you’re feeling peckish, you’re actually just thirsty.

There are numerous benefits to regular hydration but unfortunately, not enough people are informed on what regular hydration actually means. Be sure to follow these simple tips and you will have no problems maintaining a youthful, radiant glow and paving the road to long-term health and happiness.


Thank you to Derek Lotts from Smooth Decorator for these helpful tips.

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