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Founded by Anisa Kelso, Las Vegas based Green Stitch Fabrics are turning heads with their feminine, fun and flattering designs. Inspired by travelling the globe, Anisa has refined her striking designs through years of study, taking note of the different silhouettes, forms and style of different cultures. From Asia to Europe and even Australia, Green Stitch Fabrics is a label that reflects a multitude of different cultures, united as one.

“The different fabrics made of indigenous materials from these regions of the world are both awesome and challenging to work with.”

Green Stitch Fabrics are also proud to have made their clothing just for women. Each piece can be worn and styled slightly differently, allowing the wearer to express themselves and their unique style. Whether you are a savvy go-getter or a fearless dynamo, Anisa will have something up her sleeve.

“Beast or Beauty mode, a woman is still a woman in every way.”

Green stitch 8Green stitch 7

Vegas Strip Cocktail Dress

  • Piece made from organic hemp.
  • Features hand dyed feather patterns in indigo.
  • Made with a low scoop back and loose sleeves for a comfortable feel.

Green stitch 3

Japan in Bloom Denim Crop Top

  • Painted to perfection on sustainable denim by Japanese artist, Lazy Peach Clothing.
  • Features a corset detail in back.
  • Create fun and unique looks year round.

Relax Pants

  • Piece sewn & stitched together from organic hemp.
  • Hand dyed to perfection and features a draw stringdetail.
  • Great for matching with a nice blouse or a regular tee.

The Inspiration

After attending fashion school, Anisa became aware of the volume of clothes people accumulate mindlessly. Inspired by the movie True Cost and moved by the sheer damage that fast fashion causes to not only the planet but people too, she decided to create a brand that helped women to look and feel great. The design ethos is to make us feel confident in our own skin, using natural fabrics and hand made production processes.

Our favourite thing about Green Stitch Fabrics, and the sing of any good designer, is that she practices what she preaches. Anisa lives a minimal life when it comes to fashion. From participating in clothes swaps to re-wearing her favourite items and consciously looking for quality pieces, she seems to have it all figured out. Read her Diary of a Fashion Designer Minimalist to find out more.

“I purchase things that last and are not just classic but classically me.

 green stitch 9Green stitch 5

Kimono Nights Cocktail Dress

  • Piece made from organic hemp and silk.
  • Detailed with a tie-wrap for a slim & sleek fit.
  • Features a low v in the front & back so you can show off all your best moves in style.

Is it sustainable?

Of course, Green Stitch Fabrics are also a sustainable fashion brand – we never miss a trick! Anisa puts a lot of effort into the sourcing of her materials and will only source from suppliers that are using organic materials and GOTS certified which means that the materials have a high ecological and social standard to meet. Anisa is also always on the lookout for more companies to source from that keep the planet safe from waste and treat workers fairly.

Anisa believes that every woman deserves to experience luxury fashion brand and help keep the environment green at the same time. As well as this, she also makes an effort to reduce her carbon footprint by choosing fabrics with minimal packaging and ones that are sent in the most certified eco friendly way.

“Fashion is my passion and fabrics are my happy obsession.”

Green stitch 4

Blue Sky maxi skirt & Crop Top

  • Made from organic hemp & silk.
  • Skirt features a multi length cut at the bottom.
  • Material is hand-dyed with indigo paint to add a fresh, unique look.
  • Crop top features a scoop neckline and multi-cross detail.
  • Material is comfortable to touch and hugs the body well.

Green Stitch Fabrics create their garments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas employing a small but mighty force of 10 people in each factory. Fabrics are hand dyed using natural dyes and assembled by hand on sewing machines to ensure excellent quality.

In addition, Green Stitch Fabrics never discard any scrap waste from their production process. Instead they use it to produce unique accessories to accompany the outfits they create. See more here.

“Walk down the street in GS style and you walk down the street, knowing this style is all your own.”

Green Stitch Fabrics also help to educate fashion students in the local area about conscious sourcing by donating fabrics and they also did a free showing of the documentary ‘The Riverblue’ which discussed design standards across the world. How great is that!

Green stitch 2

 Denim Corset Dress

    • Denim top and back with edge detail
    • Fully lined corset back with organic cotton tie (not shown)
    • Open back

Like what you see? Learn more at  Green Stitch Fabrics and show them some love on Instagram & Twitter.

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  1. Rochelle Williams says

    Regarding Green Stitch Fabrics, the design is environmentally sound, yet also distinctly different in that it is bold for women with lovely curves or not! Way to go Matu Anisa!

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