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AUYou can certainly tell it’s Autumn in the UK! After returning from a flying visit to Yorkshire, upon reflection I wish that I’d packed more wooly knits and travel friendly accessories for the 38 hour long journey from New Zealand. When travelling, be it for work or leisure, it can become an indulgent habit to grab a quick coffee to go, browse through aspirational magazines and buy VAT free accessories, just because you might need it for the long journey ahead. I’m not going to say stop buying coffee or stop impulse buying, because we are all guilty of consumerism. What I will say is that there is a place you can get these travel accessories, that will not only last forever, but allow you to stroll through the departure lounge with a clear conscience, and in the long run, a fuller wallet!

Yours Sustainably is an online marketplace that showcases gifts that matter. The mother and daughter duo behind the store carefully select brands that produce their products ethically and sustainably, with a love for craft and travel in mind. This is our gift list for those of you who travel in the colder months!

From left to right:

Yellow Tote Bag made from upcycled bouncy castle PVC

Blue slimline card holder made from hand-removed oak cork

Credit card holder made from hand-removed oak cork

Do! by Tara Books is a handmade book compiling a selection of inspirational Warli style images

Luxury travel shawl made from hand knitted, lightweight Alpaca wool

Striped jute bag made fairly in Bangladesh

Striped cotton scarf handwoven in Egypt on traditional hand looms

Wool throw made from recycled fibres in saffron

Reusable coffee cup with a non drip lid made from organic bamboo fibre and non GMO corn starch

Wool hat handmade in Nepal with a fleece lining

A5 notebooks made from recycled leather with lined pages

Let us know what you like to pack for a long journey. Tweet us @jiminy_magazine Happy travels! Emily x


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