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Raising awareness about growing, harvesting and preserving our own fruit and vegetables is something we can and should all do. It protects nature, reduces waste and makes you consider how global warming is actively affecting our everyday lives.

Chris McPhee, Head Chef of The Terrace takes this responsibility on himself when creating his seasonal menus. All of the vegetables and fruit that are grown on the estate are carefully monitored by the garden and chef teams.  in the four acre walled garden.

“We have everything now, but each year you can tell that things are declining. Winters are getting warmer and summers delayed. It also gets colder noticeably quicker. You have to work with the seasons. We take note of everything we grown and use, and recently the temperature we took from the garden showed that it was 7 degrees colder this year than last!”

Is this bad news for those of us that are vegetarian and vegan, or those of us that want to eat locally grown seasonal produce? Thanks to Chris and others with the same mindset, no.

“What we can do is preserve, pickle and harvest as much as we can to try and stretch our typically seasonal produce”.

The idea is to preserve all of the best things from each season and serve them in a mixed season manner, for eg strawberries in winter with asparagus. With a little bit of planning and experimentation, you will reduce food waste and learn to love your pantry. This is also exactly what the menu’s at The Terrace are founded upon. Each dish gets the ultimate respect from the chef as there are only a few ingredients, making each bite taste unique and delicate. Think minimal ingredients, maximum taste and incredible flavour combinations.

Have you ever eaten a fermented tomato? The tomatoes and carrots from the Autumn salad may look simple, but they have in fact been preserved from the summers first crop, and stored in a solution of vinegar, water and salt. This means that when you take your first bite, you experience a burst of fresh crisp sweet and sour elements all going on at the same time. This is then complimented by spring onion mayo and chickpea hummus.


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Autumn garden salad with salad cream

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Mushroom & smoked garlic arancini with tarragon mayonnaise

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The amazing Josper

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Pan fried trout finished on the Josper with sorrel, roe, samphire and creme fraiche

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Aubergine from the Josper with toasted pistachio, tomato, creme fraiche and lemon

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A taste of Siberian Kiwi chutney with flatbread – note: Siberian Kiwi’s that actually thrive in Swinton’s garden are good for the brain and make as a great addition to your everyday health smoothie.

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Dark chocolate mousse cake with garden pear praline and Siberian kiwi ice cream. The tiny alpine strawberries have an incredible intense flavour!

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Feeling hungry yet? Find The Terrace located at the rear of Swinton Estate’s Country Club & Spa, which you can see on a map here.

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To find out more about The Terrace, click here.


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