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Simple. Elegant. Ethical. We are proud to introduce Ricepaper The Label, a brand new soon-to-launch womenswear brand that with their fresh, clean colour palette and flatteringly feminine designs, are set to make their mark on the Australian fashion scene.

Designer Eve Walton-Healey believes in shape, function and in celebrating natural beauty. This certainly comes across in Ricepapers first collection Kaniwa. Consisting solely of five garments, each of the pieces can be easily worn and considered as wardrobe staples. The organic colour palette with peachy tones contribute to the overall Ricepaper aesthetic, and have been carefully considered so that the colours and designs are complementary to the wearer, and allow a little flirtatious movement.


Photographer: Ivy Erlinger | Model: Carina Mekrizis


Photographer: Ivy Erlinger | Model: Carina Mekrizis

Melbourne designed and ethically produced in Indonesia by a community of women that are properly paid for their work, Ricepaper believe in minimising waste through creating long lasting pieces.

“ I feel very strongly about mass production and fast fashion and this was really the starting point for Ricepaper the label”. ~ Eve Walton-Healey

With a design ethos based on transparency, their manufacturing process is carefully monitored from start to finish. It is ensured that in every step of the production process, workers are fairly treated. They are paid above minimum wage, taken out for team bonding sessions and do not work overtime. The factories in which the garments are produced are of excellent standards and Ricepaper love knowing that they provide a happy and healthy working environment.

Photographer: Ivy Erlinger | Model: Carina Mekrizis

As consumers and other creatives it is important to be mindful about our consumption and waste. We actively need to take a stand against fast fashion and respect the people who create our garments. We also need to value the importance of owning something that will last a lifetime and has been made and sold at the correct price, so everyone involved gets their just reward.


Photographer: Georgia Wiggs | Model: Olivia Gatt


Photographer: Ivy Erlinger | Model: Carina Mekrizis


Photographer: Georgia Wiggs | Model: Olivia Gatt

Ricepaper The Label launches on November 17th in Melbourne ~ each piece in the collection has been made with love, wear it with dignity.

Show them some love on Instagram. To see more Ricepaper The Label click here.

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