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Modern. Minimal. Merino. Need we say more? Feelwear craft both men and women’s clothing (hoorah both sexes!) designed with the modern urban professional in mind. They value comfort, durability, quality and clean cut silhouettes, and their latest A/W collection ‘Look Sharp Whilst Feeling Warm’, is no exception.

If you’re curious about the brand, you can read our interview with the founders here. Or, if you’re short and time and want to simply “cut to the chase” feast your eyes on the new collection below.

Look Sharp Whilst Feeling Warm


Merino wool is easy to care for, doesn’t need ironing, and is also self-cleansing, meaning your clothing will stay fresh even in the most stressful situations. Read more about how to care for your merino here. The thermoregulation qualities of merino help to regulate the body temperature during the day, keeping you warm when it’s cold and keeping you cool when it’s hot.

For no-nonsense office wear staples, Feelwear really do have us covered. Shop using the code JIMINY5 to get your discount for the new collection.

Please note the link will automatically add your discount at the checkout. Shop here.

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