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If you’re in need of some ethical interior styling advice, here it is. The latest guest post by the wonderful Derek Lotts – the Advisory Editor at Smooth Decorator features the ‘Six Sustainable Homeware Brands You Didn’t Know About’.

Is environmentalism finally making its way into your home, your mind, body, and soul? Have you witnessed with your very own eyes the impact we as a civilisation are having on our planet by burning fossil fuels, laying pesticides, wasting precious energy and destroying water resources across the globe? Have you finally realised that environmentalism is not a trend to be discussed over dinner, but the only way to a future where our children have a home?

Now that you want to contribute in your own way to the fight against pollution and global warming, the time has come to make small but significant changes in your home that will decrease your carbon footprint and support sustainability, fair trade, conservation, and preservation. Here are the six homeware brands you need to know about.

Eco Chic

Featuring numerous artisans in the sustainable homeware design industry, Eco Chic is a place to find ethically made homeware that is not only imbued with timeless personality and charm but is also sturdy and made out of quality materials.

Moreover, by shopping with them, you are supporting artists and their trade, while keeping traditional crafting methods alive on a smaller, eco-friendly scale. This will also allow the trade to be passed down to future generations.

The Maker Place

If you are tired of mass supermarkets where you are bombarded by thousands of products that are detrimental to the environment, then The Maker Place might serve as a good substitute. Unlike your local home centre, this brand features only skilled makers and artisans that bring quality, sustainable, and eco-friendly gifts and accessories for your home.

The products are made on a very small scale and are ordered from the manufacturer directly, and you can find everything from furniture to ceramics and from art to tableware.


A true delight for nature lovers, adventurers, and eco-friendly spirits, Elmich specialises in landscape engineering, but more importantly, they are masters at creating a beautiful, eco-friendly vertical garden for your home, whether on the walls, the fence, or throughout your backyard.

This is one of the most beautiful eco-friendly solutions you can introduce into your home, and their standing garden boasts numerous green features such as the re-use of stored water for sustained plant growth and the use of recycled building materials.


House of Kind

This is an eco-friendly online boutique selling vegan and cruelty-free home accessories such as cushions, throws, bathroom accessories, beauty products and much more. House of a Kind focuses on bringing luxe and unique items to individuals who are mindful about the preservation of the environment as well as the conservation of natural resources.

Being ethically sound and using only organic production methods and vegan sources, each of their items is kind to the environment and the world in a slightly different way. Every item has a description depicting the exact way you are helping the environmental cause.

Salty Folk Supply Co.

Centralised around ocean preservation, Salty Folk Supply Co. donates 1% of their total sales to ocean conservation efforts in an attempt to save endangered species, clean the oceans of waste, and preserve the ecosystem. The best part? You get to choose the charity!

The brand features only eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan products aimed at preserving natural and traditional production methods by sourcing green materials and ingredients that will minimise greenhouse gas emissions and help fight global warming. Oh, and the twenty-four endangered shark species thank you.


Impact Eco Tableware

This brand is all about tableware and other kitchen accessories aimed at bringing green, sustainable style into your home. Their range features modern shapes and uses only sustainable bamboo in a variety of soothing colours such as oat, cocoa, tangerine, melon and mint.

Impact Eco Tableware’s products are 100% biodegradable, extremely durable, lightweight, and most importantly, eco-friendly, as bamboo is one of the Earth’s fastest growing plants that needs no replanting, and as such is perfect for green production.

Environmentalism is no longer a choice in the modern world, but rather it should be an essential way of life that will lead our world to a bright, green future. Be sure to check out these awesome eco-friendly brands, and you will have no problems creating a green home of your dreams.

Enjoyed Derek’s article? Read more from him here.

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