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Founded by best friends and Julie and Lara, AmaElla was born from an entrepreneurial dream to make women feel bold, beautiful and confident in their skin.

With knowledge of the workings of the fashion industry and a drive to make a change, our modern day girl boss duo were inspired to start AmaElla in their personal search to find beautiful lingerie made from certified organic cotton.

Cotton undies don’t have to be boring

Made with love and sustainability at heart, AmaElla lingerie and nightwear is made from GOTS certified cotton. This is a better alternative to generic cotton as the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) includes strict environmental criteria and also social criteria for operations along the entire textile supply chain. In short, this means that investing in organic cotton is not only better for the farmer, but also the environment.

AmaElla Lingerie by Simon Wisbey

They also ensure that they work with ethical manufacturers to make sure that the wellbeing of their makers is a high priority. Their UK manufacturer is a non-profit social enterprise in North London who trains young women and develops their skills within the fashion industry. Their Portuguese manufacturer is GOTS* certified and fosters local employment.. By doing this, they ensure the rich textile heritage of the community is preserved.

We chatted to the dynamic duo to find out more …

What was it that inspired you to create AmaElla?

It all started from our frustration as consumers of not being able to find nice organic cotton lingerie. Then, the first hand experience in fashion of my partner Julie made us become more aware of the abuses of the industry. Digging more into the topic and watching documentaries such as The True Cost completely changed our attitude towards the way fashion is produced and consumed nowadays.

Why have you chosen hydrangeas as your main print pattern?

Inspired by nature, we find the generous dome form of Hydrangea truly beautiful. This flower, common in British gardens, is known to symbolise grace, beauty, abundance and sincere feelings. Hydrangea’s vigorous flower-head is made from an exuberant number of flowers. It is the numerous tiny flowers that make hydrangea beautiful. We find this concept extremely interesting because it resembles life somehow. When individuals come together, powerful things happen. That was our source of inspiration.

AmaElla Romance Bikini Brief Stall


Did it take a long time to source all of the elements that make AmaElla lingerie special? For example the eco friendly inks and organic cotton?

As a start up, it is challenging to access certain suppliers and there is little support for small businesses. Therefore the sourcing process is a great challenge, not only to find the right suppliers but also to find the best qualities and low minimum quantities. We used organic GOTS cotton with which only water-based inks can be used. This type of ink reduces the amount of toxic chemicals and the risks of skin irritation and allergies.

Why is sustainability and transparency important to the brand?

We believe in complete transparency and honesty. Some brands hold back on transparency because for them it means to give away industry knowledge. We do not shared that view, we believe consumers have the right to know what they are buying from seed to garment. For example, the fashion industry has a lot to learn from the food industry. We are used to see the country of origin and nutritional information at the supermarket, why not have the same transparency of information with clothes?

Can you tell our readers why they should shop with you rather than the generic high street shop?

We are very respectful of the shopping choices of each individual, nevertheless we encourage ethical and conscious shopping. Consumers also vote with their wallets. By choosing brands and products that share their values and views of our planet’s future, shoppers can make a great difference. The supply chain in fashion is one of the most complex, if not the most, in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, there is a lot of room for imbalances and lack of transparency. The final consumer is sometimes not fully aware of the true cost of a garment. I am talking not about the retail price but the environmental and social footprint. What impact on the environment the sourcing and production of that garment had? What are the garment workers conditions? Water pollution and abusive labour practices are a real problem and we can all do something about it.

AmaElla Lingerie by Simon WisbeyAmaElla-350AmaElla Duchess Bra Sweet Bikini Brief set back

Discover more about AmaElla and browse their collections. Follow their story on Instagram.

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