Jiminy is a conscious collective of wanderings, a platform for those that design and make with consideration for others and the environment. We are dedicated to showcasing the best in slow design, creativity and travel.

Meet Emily (in below image girl on the right). Born in Devon and bred in Yorkshire, UK (where she met Danni!) Emily is passionate about conservation, sea kayaking, scuba diving and travel. After completing a degree in Fashion Promotion and Styling, she realised that there was a need for a platform that celebrated artists, designers and brands that were changing their practises to better the environment, rather than damaging it further

‘Going from fashion shoot to shoot I became aware of the ecological and environmental impact that we were having through designing, photographing and marketing beautiful clothes. I began sourcing from designers that were transparent in their production methods, and that considered and reduced their environmental impact. That’s when I realised that there were not platforms on which to publish and promote carefully designed fashion works (as an undergraduate anyway). That’s when the idea for Jiminy came to light!’


After volunteering in Cambodia back in 2016, Emily set off on a round-the-world adventure to explore new cultures and meet new brands. She is currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Danni (on the left) is from a small village in North Yorkshire. Growing up Danni dreamt of travelling the world, and following a spurt of wanderlust she lived in Tenerife for a year and then travelled around South America, after which she moved to Devon (Emily is a tad jealous). Danni has recently completed a degree in Jewellery and Silver smithery, focusing on ethically sourced, renewable and innovative materials.

‘When we both realised that we were lusting after the same thing – a platform that celebrates designers who create beautiful works of art with minimal impact to the social, ecological and natural environments, that was it! Despite being at opposite ends of the country our passion for innovative design and travel unites us wherever we go. Jiminy was born!’




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